Emergency situations

Emergency situations



We performed a short landing with hard braking, the brake disks are probably red hot. The left bogie of the main landing gear might catch fire.

We have an oil pressure drop on one engine, we still have 3 engines running perfectly.

Will the runway be long enough for an aborted take-off?

Unable to perform a tight turn. We have to consider the passengers comfort.

The attitude indicator and the gyro compass are unserviceable.

We’re holding on the taxiway until the ground engineers check n°1 engine.

Encountering strong tailwind, aborting approach. Can we join downwind leg to land on the opposite runway?

The passenger who has had an appendicitis attack is in a serious condition, we must fly back to Orly because his condition is getting worse every minute.

The runway will be obstructed for a long time in case of full stop landing.

Could you describe the full go around procedure as we don’t have the approach charts?

Expect us to stop the aircraft at the end of the runway because of a braking problem on the nose wheel.

We won’t be able to exceed 250 knots at the minimum safety altitude.

The right outboard engine is on fire and the fire is spreading to the wing.

We are established on the ILS and the ILS indicator is fluctuating but the airport is in sight.

The crosswind component is too strong, request another runway.

We are going to perform an emergency landing, we expect to stop at mid-runway, advise the safety services that the passengers will evacuate through the left escape slides.

An aircraft crossed our flight path very close from right to left, we intend to file an airmiss report.

Unable to land because the runway is not in compliance with our landing performance.

We burnt too much fuel, can we land on runway 08? Request landing priority.