Short Final FCL.055 VFR

Short Final FCL.055 VFR

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Need to take your FCL.055b (VFR) test?
You already have a good level in Aviation English (level 4, 5 or 6)?
Your certification expired?

Get specifically prepared for the Aviation English Private School (AEPS) test !



Short Final is the final leg of the circuit.
Hence, this course has been specially designed to prepare the candidates to the AEPS FCL.055b (VFR) Test.
It contains a lot of exercises simulating exactly what you are going to have at the test.

This Short Final FCL.055b (VFR) course is designed for candidates who need to take the FCL.055b (VFR) test, such as French licence owners flying only in VFR conditions.

About AEPS

AEPS is a training and certification center dedicated to the FCL.055 (EASA) et ELP (ICAO) assessments. This unique combination of services allows the candidates to better their odds to pass the assessment and get their English language proficiency certificate.

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