Reading You Five (IFR)

Reading You Five (IFR)

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A course on standardised IFR phraseology for radiotelephony (RTF) communication.



“Reading you Five (IFR)” is an online radiotelephony course that aims at improving Aviation English skills. It will help you learn to communicate effectively in all environments where communication in English is required.
Designed for civil pilots and student pilots of an intermediate to a high level of proficiency, this course contains a series of clear and concise topics on standardised IFR phraseology for radiotelephony (RTF) communication, such as:

  • General operating procedure phraseology
  • Aerodrome control phraseology
  • Radar control phraseology
  • Approach control phraseology
  • Area control phraseology
  • Distress and urgency messages
  • Meteorological information phraseology

“Ready you 5 (IFR)” complies with the ICAO Doc 9432-AN/925 Manual of Radiotelephony and includes voice recordings, explanations, examples as well as dedicated exercises focusing on listening and understanding the standard aeronautical phraseology in English.

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