Part 2: Standard phraseology

Part 2: Standard phraseology

The R/T-testing part of the test contains two types of exercises: a example of ATC/pilot communication scenario and readbacks

The simulation of the R/T focuses on:

  • IFR-Clearance
  • Push-back
  • Taxi-clearance
  • Switch to TWR frequency
  • Line-up and take-off clearance
  • Contact Departure frequency
  • IFR manoeuvres (Climb, holding, approach)
  • Descent
  • Inbound/outbound to/from arrival station
  • Vectoring/turning instructions
  • Approach
  • Landing clearance
  • Change to TWR frequency

My tips:

  • This exercise is very important to demonstrate your knowledge and ease of utilization of the ICAO standard phraseology.
  • Some audio files may include an emergency situation.