1 – Personal Introduction

The introduction exercise of the AEPS test consists of presenting yourself to the examiners so that they know some more about you and your aviation experience.

My tips:

  • Write your own presentation, and repeat it several times.
  • Keywords are useful to help you remember your introduction canvas.

As example, listen to the following presentations of:

1. Alice, she is a Belgian PPL pilot

Example of PRESENTATION: a PPL pilot

Good morning, my name is Alice Dufour, I’m 28 years old and I am Belgian.

I’m originally from Brussels but now I’m living in Mons with my husband, Stephan. We have two children: Kathryn, who is 3 and Kevin, who is 1 and we live in a modest house with a garden.

I studied Chemistry at the University for 5 years and when I graduated in 2004 I went to Brussels to work for a small company. After that I did some extra studies at night in Mons and then changed job.

I am currently working as a salesman in a pharmaceutical company. I’ve been working there for 2 years and really enjoy my job. I meet a lot of people through work and we have seminars in many European countries, especially England and Germany, so I have to speak English a lot. Unfortunately my German is not very good.

As far as my hobbies are concerned, my main passion is aviation. I have always been fascinated by airplanes and love flying. I took a plane for the first time when I was just 4 years old; we flew to Spain with my parents and my little sister, Lucy. Before that I had only travelled by car or train so it was a big change and I fell in love with the plane we were travelling in. I was so excited in the plane, watching the wings move and the lights flashing.

Since then I have collected lots of toys, books and models linked to the aviation world and I started to learn to fly 1 year ago. I’m a member of an air club and I try to fly at least twice a month. Unfortunately with the great Belgian weather it’s difficult to fly regularly and it’s also quite expensive.

In the future I hope to pass my pilots’ exam and to be able to fly more often, alone of course. It’s so easy to fly across to the Belgian coast.

I’m going to take my pilots’ exam in the summer just before going on holiday with my family. We are going to Italy this year by car, not by plane.

I forgot to say that travelling is my second hobby; I’ve travelled all over Europe and when I finished my studies in 2004 I went to China for 5 weeks and then on to Vietnam for 3 weeks; it was a fantastic adventure.

My dream destination is New Zealand but that won’t be for a few years I think. I would also love to visit Australia. It would be great to travel there in the new 380 Airbus: what a beautiful plane!

2. Pierre, he is a French ATPL pilot

Example of Presentation : an ATPL pilot

Good morning, my name is Pierre Dupond, I’m 56 years old and I am French.

I was born in Orleans but I now live in Paris with my wife and our 3 children who are 15, 13 and 9. We have an apartment in the 10th district.

When I was ten, I had the chance to go to Italy by plane with my parents. During the flight, a crew member invited me to take a look at the cockpit. I was really impressed and immediately fell in love with all these buttons and lights. A true passion for aviation was born!

I decided to become a pilot and I obtained my glider licence and my PPL even before my bachelor degree. I then successfully passed the entry exam in an FTO at the age of 18. While I was studying and practicing to pass my ATPL licences, I found a job of co-pilot in an international airline and I flew regional, domestic and international flights.

I am currently working as a captain in a French private jet company. I’ve been working there for 15 years and really enjoy my job. I travel a lot all over Europe and meet a lot of people. English has become my second language, many of my passengers are indeed tourists coming from everywhere in the world.

My wife also works in the aviation field. She has been a flight attendant for more than 20 years now, but she is thinking of getting retired because she would like to have a quieter life: she travels 5 days a week and is rarely at home during the week-ends.

One of our sons is also found of all matters related to aviation; he is going to study to become a research engineer to work in the design of more ecological planes for the future.

With regards to my future, one of my dreams would be to pilot a Boeing 787 Dreamliner or even better, an Airbus 380. To keep realistic, I will sooner or later book a flight from Paris to Shanghai at least to be seated in one of these fantastic aircrafts. This will allow me to realise another dream: spending time in Asia, to discover the culture and taste the food!