4 – Listening comprehension

4 – Listening comprehension

Listen to each short story . Then retell it the best you can with your own words, in English.

My tips:

  • Taking notes is allowed and recommended in this section.
  • Check your understanding with the full text afterwards.
  • During the test, you are allowed to play the recording a second time if needed.
  • All stories are in one way or another related to aviation.

As examples, listen to the short stories below:

Full text

18 year-old gets CPL, ME and IR
Milan Tomasevic celebrated his 18th birthday recently with a visit to the Civil Aviation Authority at Gatwick to submit his paper work for the issue of his full professional pilot’s license, having completed his ATPL exams and his CPL, ME and IR at Stapleford Flight Centre in record time.
Belgium-born Milan was educated in Moscow and Russian is his first language. Throughout his training he has been encouraged and supported by his airline pilot father, Antoine. He got his PPL in the United States then came to London Metropolitan University for his ATPL exams.

(Source: Flyer Magazine – Air portal www.flyer.co.uk)

Full text

UK Airlines to Publish CO2 Data
The UK could become the first country to require airlines to publish data that would let passengers choose between carriers based on carbon emissions and other environmental factors, according to the Financial Times.
Under draft legislation, the UK Civil Aviation Authority would be given a new duty to publish, or force companies to publish, information that would “assist users of air transport to compare services and make more informed choices and inform the public about the environmental effects (including emissions and noise) of civil aviation in the UK,” the FT said in a comprehensive article.

(Source: Air transport Word – atwonline.com)

Full text

There have been some collisions and several incidents involving aircraft holding in position waiting for a takeoff clearance. The FAA’s analysis of those collisions and incidents indicate that TWO MINUTES or more elapsed between the time an instruction was issued to “position and hold” and the resulting collision, land over, or go around by an aircraft cleared to land.
Contact ATC anytime you have a concern about a potential conflict.

(Source : www.faa.gov)

Full text

P- Tukubu Tower, Blaze 606. We have a problem and we’d like a priority landing. We have a violent passenger on board.

TWR- Say again 606. I don’t understand.

P-  We have an unruly passenger on board. We have a violent passenger. He has hit a member of the cabin crew. Request priority landing.

TWR-  606, I’m sorry, sir. I do not understand your problem, sir.

P-  This passenger is endangering the safety of the flight. He is drunk.

TWR-  The safety of the flight is in danger?

P-  Affirm. We have an aggressive passenger. We need to get on the ground as soon as possible.

TWR-  606, understand you have a problem with a passenger, sir? Do you need medical assistance?

P-  Negative. We have a medical doctor on board and do not need medical assistance. We need services to remove this unruly passenger from the plane.

TWR-  606, the police and the airport authorities will meet you, sir.

Full text

GND- Finnair 2115, taxi with caution. A snowplough is proceeding to the intersection.

P1- Roger, Finnair 2115.

P2- Singapore 107, de-icing finished more than 10 minutes ago. The de-icer trucks have already left. Request immediate start-up to meet my slot time of 25.

GND- Negative, Singapore 107. You have a new slot time of 40, repeat 40.

GND- Singapore 107, confirm new slot time of 40, but still expect to start-up because de-icing is already done. Can you put me on request for slot before 40?

GND- Singapore 107, stand by. I’ll call you back in a few seconds. Finnair 2115 slow down, hold position at intersection. Snowplough and sweepers at work. Singapore 107, slot time still 40.

P2- Roger, Singapore 107.

GND- Finnair 2115 taxiing slowly to intersection, but I can see snowplough is just moving off. Should I still hold position?

GND- Finnair 2115, carry on straight ahead. Caution watch out for gusting winds, wind shear reported.

P2- Ground, Singapore 107 request urgent start-up, or I’ll have to get de-icing again.

GND- Negative, Singapore 107. Expect further delays. Snow banks are building up on compacted snow at the end of the taxiway.

P2- How much longer do I have to wait? Singapore 107.

GND- I’ll call you back in a moment, Singapore 107.