Part 1: Plain language assessment

Part 1: Plain language assessment

The assessment of aviation related, plain language proficiency is a language proficiency interview, by a panel of 2 assessors (1 operational assessor, 1 linguistic assessor).

Topics discussed between the panel of assessors and the candidate, are aviation related.

Since the essence of civil aviation related language assessment is verbal communication, spelling, spelling errors, making the candidate write and all related variants are not be part of the assessment, nor a criterion for the grading of the candidates’ language proficiency. Technical accuracy of what was discussed is not to affect the language assessment.

The candidate will throughout the entire assessment be evaluated in his/her own “working” environment: a pilot must be assessed in his/her role as a pilot and not be requested to take the role of Air Traffic Control Officer (ATCO), or vice versa.


The plain language interview assesses the following:

  • READING CAPABILITIES of the candidate (understanding a written message)
  • COMMUNICATION CAPABILITIES of the candidate on aviation related topics, outside of the standard ICAO phraseology.

The test developed by AEPS for the plain language test is composed of the following exercises: