C – Picture description

C – Picture description

Look at the picture and be prepared to describe it at length, and to speak as much as you can about it.

My tips:

  • Try to use specific vocabulary if needed.
  • Don’t hesitate to be creative.
  • All pictures are in one way or another related to aviation.

As examples, look at the pictures below and listen to the proposed description.

Picture 1:

It is a color picture showing a pilot.

He is preparing his flight plan, filling in the papers and documents while looking at the weather forecast and navigation charts.

I don’t see much of his face because his eyes are hidden by his cap. He is wearing a short-sleeved white shirt with epaulets and a black tie. He also has a watch on his left wrist.

The pilot is using a black pen and is writing carefully.

This picture has been taken in the pilot room where the sofa seems to be very comfortable.

This situation doesn’t occur very often now because flight plans and navigation can be prepared online and sent to the control tower by e-mail or by submitting a form.

I don’t like this picture because it is mandatory to comply with the rules and it takes a lot of time to do it. However, I understand that it is very important for the aviation safety.

Picture 2:

airport control tower

It is a colour picture that shows an airfield.

I can see an aerodrome, with a concrete taxiway – and probably runway but it is not shown -, a high control tower and some buildings behind. On the left side, next to the tower, I see antennas and dishes for telecommunication as well as a technical hangar. On the right side of the picture, I think the building modules are used as passenger’s terminal. The sky is blue with scattered cloud.

This picture seems to have been taken in a very hot area, because the landscape is very dry and there are puddles of water on the taxiway: these are mirages caused by different densities of the surrounding air.

There is an airplane in the centre of the picture. It is a twin-engine propeller aircraft. It is all white, but its tail is decorated with stripes and an arrow, featuring the South African colours.

Although the propellers are not turning, it looks like it is waiting for a taxiing clearance in order to line up for take off.

I don’t see any person on the tarmac nor in the plane.

I like this picture because it reminds me of the fabulous honeymoon, my husband and I spent in Madagascar a few years ago.

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