Conducting tests and entering marks – examiner’s procedure.

Conducting assessments and entering marks – assessor’s procedure.

1. Log in

When you login to your account, you will see this page:

Ensure that all your candidates are on your list before starting tests.

2. Upload videos (if working on site)

Click on “upload local video” for the relevant candidate, and select the file to upload. The upload will start:

Click on “SUBMIT”. The video is now uploading. Once the green bar has reached 100% (but not before), the page will automatically come back to the Assigned Test page. Please make sure that the video is well uploaded.

Please note that ONLY MP4 and webm files are compatible with the platform. Your copy of NCH Debut will be configured to provide the correct type of file.

3. Entering marks

Click on “View scores details”. You will see the following screen:

Enter the relevant mark for each ICAO descriptor. When you have finished, click on “Save my grades”.

MAKE SURE that the marks are the same for both assessors, otherwise you will be unable to save the final result.

Once both assessors have entered their marks, the “Master” assessor, normally the operational assessor, needs to return to the “View scores details” screen, and click on “Submit my marks”.

The assessment is then submitted to AEPS for a final validation before the certificate is issued.

The assessment has NOT been submitted until all of the BLUE BUTTONS HAVE DISAPPEARED at the bottom of the page.