Cancellation of the assessment

4. Cancellation of the assessment

In some circumstances in may not be possible to complete the English language assessment and / or validate the result. This may be the case for several reasons, such as (but not limited to) those given below:

The candidate’s IT equipment is not of a sufficiently good quality as to allow the examiners to assess the candidate’s level of language proficiency in line with European regulations

  • A third party entering the examination room
  • The candidate’s use of a mobile phone, tablet or any other IT equipment during the assessment
  • Loss of visual contact between the candidate and the examiners
  • Frequent / excessive loss of internet connection
  • Any attempt by the candidate to record the assessment session or to make a screen capture

In such circumstances it may be necessary to send a written report to the Belgian CAA.

In such circumstances the candidate’s fee may also be forfeited.