Introduction exercise

1. Introduction exercise

It is important to allow the candidate to speak at length and maintain a discourse. Even if the initial discourse is obviously rehearsed speech, it may be helpful to allow the candidate to continue for a moment in order to reduce stress levels.

Assessors can still use this discourse to form an initial impression of pronunciation and structure. If the candidate spends too much time on a prepared discourse about family and hobbies, politely interrupt and turn the conversation towards aviation. This interruption is important as it allows the assessor to assess comprehension and interaction when faced with a slightly unexpected turn of events.

If the candidate is able to manage interactions adequately then the assessor can use more complex turns of phrase to assess comprehension of structure and to elicit more complex structures in response.
For example, by asking questions using conditionals or phrasing questions in such a way as to elicit a response using a complex structure. This technique can also allow the assessor to assess the candidate’s ability to reformulate a response using less complex or more familiar structure.