Reading comprehension exercise

2. Reading comprehension exercise


The reading comprehension for VFR candidates should be considered more of a stimulus exercise. Candidates should be asked to summarise what they have understood from the text. The assessor can use follow up questions if necessary to prompt a more developed discourse and interaction. This questioning should not develop into a assessment of technical knowledge.

Assessors will typically be looking for good use of typical aviation related vocabulary. If the candidate is at ease with discourse then assessors can be more attentive to the use of more complex structures, fluency and interaction skills.


The objective of this section is slightly different for IFR pilots. They must demonstrate understanding of the text and show this through a reasoned discussion or decision-making process. There is no way to avoid the need for a higher level of technical expertise which goes hand in hand with flying IFR, especially for experienced commercial or airline pilots. A more technical line of questioning is therefore allowed (as long as the assessor is at ease with the subject).

Some of the texts have an E symbol to denote an emergency or unexpected situation. For IFR assessments at least one emergency or unexpected situation must be covered in one of the sections of examination.