Becoming an assessor

Becoming an assessor

Each AEPS assessment is conducted by two assessors: an operational assessor and a linguistic assessor.

Operational assessors generally come from an aviation background (pilot, controller), while linguistic assessors are generally people from a language background (translators, language teachers, etc.).

Requirements to be an assessor

Operational assessors must:

  • Have experience in the field of aviation (pilot licence, ATC licence)
  • Have passed an ICAO Aviation English assessment and achieved level 6

Linguistic assessors must:

  • Have experience in the field of languages (teacher, translator)
  • Speak English to native or near-native speaker level, and in any case to a level equivalent to ICAO level 6

assessor certification process

In order to be signed off as an assessor, the minimum requirement is to have observed 2 assessments and conducted a further 2 under supervision. However, this is a bare minimum and many assessors need more experience before being released to conduct assessments unsupervised. Your supervising assessor will work with you and decide when you are ready to begin working on your own.

Assessor equipment

All assessors who are called upon to conduct assessments on site will be provided with the following when they start working with us:

  1. A folder containing all of the assessment materials.

Assessors are responsible for storing their assessment materials in a safe place. You must let us know if you lose your assessment folder.