Pass or fail?

8. Pass or fail?

Perhaps the hardest decision to make is when you have to fail a candidate. This can sometimes be made harder when a pilot is under professional pressure to pass the exam.

The overriding question you must ask yourself as an assessor is: Is this person safe?

If there is any doubt in this regard, then the assessment must be marked as a fail.
Always bear in mind that by issuing a certificate, you are essentially authorising this person to take an aircraft to a foreign country without any further supervision.
You have a clear responsibility to flight safety, and as such you can rest assured that AEPS will support your decision, and will deal with any subsequent appeal resulting from that decision.
Always remember that you are not assessing a person’s ability to fly an aircraft, only their ability to speak English. Failing the English exam is by no means a reflection on the candidate’s ability as a pilot.