6. Interaction

Basic guidance on assessing interaction:

Interaction refers to the ability to communicate and respond efficiently (quickly in the case of radiotelephony) as well as the ability to initiate exchanges and resolve misunderstandings. Interaction is an extremely important part of communications during radiotelephony exchanges. Rapidity and accuracy are essential.

  • Are responses only sometimes immediate? Do the responses lack concision leading to breakdown in communications? Are responses inadequate when dealing with unexpected situations?
    This may indicate a tendency towards a level 3 in this area.
  • Are responses usually immediate and reasonably concise even in unexpected situations? Are misunderstandings cleared up through confirmation or clarification?
    This may indicate a level 4 in this area.
  • Are responses immediate, appropriate and informative in all situations? Are confirmation and clarification techniques rarely required?
    This may indicate a level 5 in this area.
  • Is interaction easy in all situations including responses to non-verbal communications? Does the candidate display authority in the conduct of the conversation?
    This may indicate a level 6 in this area.