Part 4: Autonomous activities

Part 4: Autonomous activities

Things to think about, research and discuss:

  • Have you ever had to make an emergency or precautionary landing? What were the circumstances? What happened after you had landed? Were you able to take off again?
  • Have you ever made an emergency landing as a passenger?
  • Have you ever been on a light which has had to divert? If so, what were the reasons? How did you complete your journey?
  • As a pilot have you ever been concerned you might run out of fuel when flying? What did you do?

There are a lot of videos of emergency landings online. Using the vocabulary you have practised in this module, explain what is happening in these:
Video 1

Some of the comments below the video are interesting as well.
Video 2

This news report contains some quite fast exchanges but the subtitles will help:
Video 3

This article contains a lot of useful vocabulary:
Article 1

This article is quite long and challenging but very useful for language development:
Article 2