Part 2: Reading comprehension

Part 2: Reading comprehension

Read the following press release about the Pilatus PC-24 and then answer the questions which follow.

The PC-24 lands at Jetfly!

On 17th September 2018, aircraft co-ownership company, Jetfly, took delivery of the first of the four Pilatus PC-24 “Super Versatile Jets” that it has ordered. During a ceremony to mark the occasion, Ignaz Gretener, Pilatus’s Vice President for General Aviation, presented French designer Philippe Starck with keys to the jet. Starck will be designing the jet’s interior.

Jetfly plans to operate the PC-24 alongside its current fleet of 22 PC-12s in order to expand the range of services it offers. The Super Versatile Jets will allow Jetfly to provide its customer with a quick, simple and safe means of arriving at their destination. The PC-24 is the first twin engine business jet in the world which can take off from and land on very short and / or unpaved runways and which comes with a large cargo door fitted as standard. These features, in addition to its speed and spacious interior will, Jetfly hope, make the PC-24 popular with their customers. It was designed to be an adaptable, multipurpose aircraft which can fulfil a wide range of roles. It is, for example, as well suited to serving as an air ambulance, as it is to operating as a business jet.

To date, in the first three years of production, 80 PC-24s have already been sold, with 23 due to be delivered in 2018, including an executive jet version for the Swiss government and an air ambulance version for the Australian Flying Doctor Service. The PC-24 is equally at home taking off on snow, grass or sand and has a take-off distance of just 820m and a landing distance of 770m. It has a maximum operational range of 3,610km with 4 passengers or 3300km with 6 passengers and a maximum cruise speed of 787kmh. It can carry up to 10 passengers in its pressurised cabin.

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Part A: comprehension

  1. Why was Philippe Starck given the keys to Jetfly’s first PC-24?
  2. Give five reasons why Jetfly think the PC-24 will be popular with its customers
  3. In your opinion, which of the PC-24’s features have made it attractive to:
    • The Swiss government
    • The Australian Flying Doctor Service?
  4. Imagine you are a business aviation pilot and you need to fly three mining company executives to a remote mine complex in Canada in December. The mine has its own landing strip with a 1500m concrete runway, but a recent landslide has temporarily shortened its length by 450m. The round trip comes to 4510km in total. Would the PC-24 be a good aircraft to use for this mission? Why (not)?

Part B: vocabulary building

Which of the words / expressions underlined in the text are equivalent in meaning to the following:

  1. Planned / scheduled (to…)
  2. To give
  3. Belonging to a group of people
  4. The furthest distance the PC-24 can fly
  5. As well as / together with
  6. Performs a function well / does a good job
  7. Roomy
  8. To grow / widen / enlarge
  9. A range of aircraft (or ships) belonging to the same owner
  10. All PC-24s are equipped with
  11. Versatile
  12. Able to perform many different functions
  13. Flexible
  14. Just as capable of / just as able to