Part 4: Autonomous activities

Part 4: Autonomous activities

Things to think about, research and discuss:

  • How would you explain to a novice pilot:
    • How to plan a flight
    • What you need to do once the flight is planned but before you start the engine
    • What you after starting the engine but before taking off
  • What do you think the most common causes of delays are?
  • What can airports / ATC / airlines do to minimise delays?
  • Have you ever had to delay a take off because of an emergency situation? What happened?
  • Have you ever experienced major delays as a passenger? Where were you? What caused the delay? Did the airline look after you correctly?
  • When are you entitled to compensation for delays? How do you claim for compensation?
  • Have you ever been stranded a long way from home because of a cancelled flight?
  • How did you get home? How late were you compared to your scheduled arrival time?
  • Have you ever experienced delays or cancellations as a result of a strike?

Extra reading / additional activities

This UK website gives useful information for travellers who have experience flight delays and contains a lot of useful vocabulary for answering the questions above

How would you write and email complaining about a delay or cancellation and claiming compensation?

What are ground movement incidents?
What do you think causes ground movement incidents?
How can they be avoided?

You can find numerous reports of ground movement incidents on the Skybrary website.
You will find a lot of useful vocabulary here.