Part 2: Reading comprehension

Part 2: Reading comprehension

A) The departure information messages in column A are displayed at Southampton Airport (SOU), in the UK. Match them to the correct explanation in column B

Column A

Check in open

Go to departures

Relax & wait

Please wait



Next info

Departure due

Gate change

Gate open


Gate closing

Final call

Gate closed




Column B

Aircraft movement scheduled for that time

Displayed when a flight is delayed and there is currently not an estimated departure time

Boarding of passengers has now commenced

Aircraft is in the air

Displayed when a flight has a scheduled time of departure

This will flash on the screen in conjunction with “Final Call”

Flight has a not met its scheduled departure time and is delayed by a certain amount of time

Flight has been cancelled

Boarding is close to completion

Check in for the flight is open

When a flight has missed its scheduled time by more than 30 minutes of departure but has an estimated time

No confirmation of departure time, awaiting information

Boarding is now complete, and no more passengers may board

Displays the time the flight actually departed

Boarding process has commenced

Please proceed through security to the departure lounge

The gate originally assigned has now been changed

B) Think of other ways of saying the following words and expressions which appear in the text above:

  • Scheduled
  • Displayed
  • Delayed
  • Commenced
  • In conjunction with
  • Close to completion
  • Please proceed
  • Originally

C) Which words in the text mean the opposite to:

  • Closed
  • Arrived
  • On the ground
  • Disembarkation