Part 4: Autonomous activities

Part 4: Autonomous activities

Things to think about, research and discuss:

  • Are catering facilities important at airfields and airports?
  • Are there any airfields / airports whose catering facilities you would recommend? Why?
  • Have you ever landed at an airfield and been disappointed by its catering facilities?
  • What sort of facilities would you look for at an airfield if you were planning an overnight trip to another airfield?
  • Are books such as Pooley’s Flight Guide (do an internet search to find out what it is if you don’t know it) still useful today?
  • Have you ever needed to make an unscheduled stop during a flight?
  • Where were you flying to and from?
  • Why did you need to stop?
  • Did making this stop cause any particular problems?
  • How do you calculate your fuel requirements?
  • Have you ever experienced a fuel related incident? If so, describe it.
  • In your experience, how easy is it to get from small airfields to nearby towns and places of interest? Have you ever been somewhere where this was very easy? Or very difficult?

Extra reading / additional activities

The UK light aircraft association have produced this short guide to touring France for UK pilots

It contains useful aviation and general English vocabulary. Try to write a similar paragraph for an English-speaking pilot for the airfield you know best.

See if you can find similar online guides for places you have visited.

Should ground service staff also have an English language qualification? Why (not)?