Part 3: Listening comprehension

Part 3: Listening comprehension

Malapka Air club

Listen to this presentation of the Malapka Air Club, then answer the questions which follow.


At Malapka Air Club we offer a range of services for our members.

We have a wide range of well-maintained aircraft for hire. We have 4 Cessna 152s, 3 Cessna 206s, an Archer PA28 and a Bellanca Decathlon, as well as a Bell Jetranger B206B. For aircraft hire, please contact us via our website.

We offer our own internationally approved maintenance service, Malapka Aero Maintenance, operating two well equipped hangars and a third hangar facility is nearing completion.

We have our own flight training school and training is carried out between 9am and 5pm daily (except for Public Holidays) in our Cessna 152 & PA28 aircraft. Costs start from $146 per hour, including tax. Pre-flight briefings are free. Ground School is $25 per hour. The cost of the PPL Skills Test is $150. A PPL starter pack is also available.

We are also able to offer charter services and our own flying safaris.

There is a bar and a café at the airfield offering a range of drinks and light refreshments.


Are the following statements true or false?

  1. Malapka Air Club owns 5 Cessna 152s?
  2. It has 3 Cessna 206s
  3. It owns no helicopters
  4. If you want to hire an aircraft, you should contact the club by mobile phone
  5. Malapka Aero Maintenance has 3 hangers at its disposal.
  6. The flight school operates 9:00 – 17:00, Monday to Friday
  7. The Cessna 206 and PA28 are used for training
  8. Lessons start at $146 per hour, plus tax
  9. Ground school costs $25 / hour
  10. You can get a PPL starter pack
  11. You can fly with Malapka Air Club to spot wild animals
  12. You can have a meal at the air club

The word range (also, ‘wide range’) is used several times in this text. Can you think of another word which has a similar meaning or explain what it means?

What do you think a PPL starter pack is?

Radiotelephony exercise

Listen to this exchange between a pilot and Steenbok Tower and then answer these questions:

Pilot: Steenbok tower from ZT-RQB, Bell Jetranger B206B flying from Cape Town to St Helena Bay low on fuel request permission to land

ATC: ZT-RQB this is Steenbok tower are you declaring an emergency?

Pilot: Negative, I still have a few minutes before I’m on reserve, ZT-RQB

ATC: ZT-RQB, we have a Cessna 152 on final, do you have enough fuel to wait or do you want priority?

Pilot: Negative, I can hold for about 5 minutes. Can you confirm Jet A1 available? ZT-B

ATC: ZT-B, I can confirm JetA1 is usually available at the airfield but cannot confirm the situation today

Pilot: Roger, I will need to land anyway, ZT-B

ATC: ZT-B, roger. You are number 2 behind the Cessna 152 on final, call back on final runway 23

Pilot: Number 2, will call back final runway 23

Answer these questions:

  1. What is the aircraft type and registration?
  2. The aircraft is low on fuel but is this an emergency?
  3. What type of aircraft is on final?
  4. Is Jet A1 available at Steenbok airfield?
  5. What runway will the pilot be landing on?