Part 2: Reading comprehension

Part 2: Reading comprehension

Read this extract from the marketing information of a company specialising in the transport of cats and dogs by air, then answer the questions which follow.

PATS, Pet Air Transport Services

PATS offers a unique service to both commercial and private customers (including breeders) which puts the welfare of your pet first.

We are specialists in the international air transport of cats and dogs with over 25 years of experience and offer a range of services to suit your needs and those of your cat or dog. We are also able to offer help and advice on customs clearances, veterinary requirements, documentation, etc.

Our services come in 3 packages: 1st Class, Gold and Platinum

First Class

Our first-class package offers, as its name suggests, first class service for your pets and animals at an affordable price.

You simply drop your cat(s) or dog(s) off at our offices and then collect them from the nearest airport to your final destination. The precise documentation required depends on what your destination is, however, the following documents are required for the transportation of all living animals:

  • A European Pet Passport (or vaccination record for non-EU citizens)
  • A certificate of good health

The first-class package includes:

  • Departure customs formalities
  • Document checking
  • Checking that the carrier / crate meets IATA standards
  • Exercise, feeding and watering of your cat or dog before check-in
  • Taking your cat or dog through check-in
  • Your cat’s / dog’s air ticket

The first-class package does not include:

  • Vaccinations
  • Transport of your cat / dog to or from the airport
  • The carrier / crate (although we can advise you on this and on IATA standards)
  • Pre-departure vet checks and good health certificate
  • Obtaining CITES documentation
  • Import permits (if required)
  • Booking quarantine facilities (if required)
  • Customs formalities on arrival
  • Airport taxes
  • Any customs duties payable in the country of destination
  • Any vet visits required by the country of destination
  • Food for your cat / dog
  • Specific care requirements (e.g. grooming, administering medication)

Decide whether these statements about the services offered by PATS are true or false. If the statement is false, correct it.

  1. PATS offer services for transporting horses.
  2. PATS is a well-established company.
  3. The documentation you will need to transport your cat or dog by air will depend on the country to which you are sending it.
  4. “First Class” is PATS the only service package offered by PATS.
  5. “First Class” is PATS most expensive service package.
  6. You must have a European Pet Passport, plus a certificate of good health from a vet in order to transport your animal to another country by air.
  7. PATS will transport your dog to the airport.
  8. They will also take your dog through check in.
  9. Your cat or dog’s air fare is included in the price of the First-Class package.
  10. As part of the First-Class package, PATS will check to make sure your crate meets IATA standards.
  11. PATS can also provide the crate, if required.
  12. As part of the First-Class package, PATS will obtain CITES documentation for you.

Vocabulary building

  1. Explain, in your own words, the following words (underlined in the text):
    • customs clearances
    • Vaccinations
    • Quarantine
    • customs duties
    • vet
    • administering medication
    • Abbreviations: What do the following abbreviations stand for?
      • IATA
      • CITES
    • Rearrange the following words to explain what is meant by “IATA standards” in this context:
      • The IATA by air for for has established transporting cats and dogs standards the size of crates.
      • Your pet when standing enough room normally to be able to must have turn around.