Part 3: Listening comprehension

Part 3: Listening comprehension

Listen to this report concerning an accident which happened near the village of Pierrefitte in the west of France and then answer these questions.

  1. Where is the pilot from?
  2. How old is he?
  3. Give the time and date of the accident
  4. Use these words to explain what happened:
    gust – 300m – field – aircraft – crosswind – surprised – wind – crashed – road – lost altitude – unable to compensate
  5. What did the delivery van driver do?
  6. What condition was the pilot in after the accident?
  7. What did his wife do?
  8. Why is the aircraft still in the field?

The report says, “The aircraft, which the pilot had built himself from a kit.” What is a kit aircraft?


A microlight pilot lost control of his aircraft when coming into to land just outside the village of Pierrefitte in the west of France. The pilot, a 65 year old Englishman, was flying back to his home in France after a trip to England last Thursday, 27th April, 2017, was making his final approach to land on his private grass strip on his property in Les Bouges at 13:20 when he was taken by surprise by a strong gust of wind. The pilot was unable to compensate for this sudden crosswind and the aircraft rapidly lost altitude and the aircraft came down in a field close to a road, approximately 300m from the landing strip.

The incident was witnessed by a delivery van driver who called the emergency services and the police, paramedics and fire service were all rapidly at the scene. The pilot was examined by the paramedics who fortunately detected no significant injuries although the man was badly shaken. He told the paramedics that he didn’t want to go to hospital and was taken home by his wife. The aircraft, which the pilot had built himself from a kit, currently remains in the field while the French civil aviation accident investigation unit carry out their investigation.

Radiotelephony exercise

Listen to this RT exchange, then complete this table:

Aircraft registration ___
Current flight level ___
Current position relative to Vitoria ___
Nature of incident ___
Vitoria frequency ___
Runway assigned for landing ___
QNH ___
Wind direction ___
Wind strength ___
Directions given after landing ___

PIL: Mayday, mayday, mayday, F-RUMP, bird strike, having difficulty maintaining control

ATC: F-MP this is Madrid information, roger mayday, say position if able

PIL: Currently FL65 about 20NM to the north east of Vitoria, F-MP

ATC: F-MP Roger, what is your current status?

PIL: F-MP we had a bird strike and the windscreen is broken. We have control of the aircraft, but we are having difficulty seeing where we’re going

ATC: F-MP, radar identified, I see you near Mondragon, would you like guidance to Vitoria?

PIL: Affirm, F-MP

ATC: F-MP continue south-west. Contact Vitoria on 118.450. They are aware of your problem.

PIL: Continuing south west. Vitoria 118.450, F-MP

PIL: Vitoria from F-MP good day

ATC: F-MP runway 22 is available at your 12 o’clock. QNH 1022, you are number one descend at your own discretion

PIL: We have the airfield in sight, QNH1022, descending now, F-MP

ATC: F-MP I see you on long final runway 22. Cleared to land runway 22 wind 240 degrees 5 knots

PIL: Cleared to land runway 22, F-MP

PIL: F-MP where should I go after landing?

ATC: F-MP vacate right when able

PIL: Vacating right, F-MP