Part 3: Listening comprehension

Part 3: Listening comprehension

Compton Abbas

Listen to this recording giving basic information about the Compton Abbas airfield in Dorset, UK, then answer the questions which follow.


Here is some basic information for Compton Abbas airfield in Dorset, UK. We are PPR. Our
telephone number is 01747 811767.

We have two runways, 08LH, 26RH. TORA/LDA 803m. There is a 100m unlicensed
extension beyond each runway end.

Landing fees are £10 and £6 for microlights, £15 for twins. You can stay over for £10 per
The circuit height for GA traffic is 800ft, 600ft for microlights.

We are not able to accept non-radio traffic to the airfield. The airfield frequency is 122.70.

Fuel: 100ll, UL91 & JetA1 all available at competitive prices. Lubricants are available too.
If you need customs clearance please give us 24 hours notice.

All taxiways are to the south of the runway.

Parking: Please park to the East of the strobe, in the line of aircraft closest to the runway.
Please do not park in front of the building.


General information

  1. Compton Abbas is PPR. What does that mean?
  2. What number should you call for further information?


  1. There are two runways available: ____________ and ______________
  2. TORA / LDA = _______m
  3. What do TORA and LDA stand for?

Landing and overnight fees:

  1. GA:
  2. Microlights:
  3. Twins:
  4. Overnight stay:

Circuit heights

  1. GA:____________
  2. Ultralights:____________

Air / Ground radio

  1. What is the airfield frequency?


  1. What fuel is available?
    • Microlights:
    • Twins:
    • Overnight stay:


Complete the following sentence:

If you require customs clearance ___________ _________ _______ ______ _______ ________________


Complete the following sentence:
All taxiways are to the ____________ of the __________________.

Choose the correct answer to complete these sentences:

Please park to the East / West of the clubhouse / strobe, in the line of aircraft furthest from /closest to the runway.

Please do not park in front of / behind the building / hangar.

Radiotelephony exercise

Before listening: do some research to make sure you can explain what a squall is.
Next, listen to this exchange between a pilot and Shoreham Tower

Pilot: Shoreham tower from G-ARGT, Cessna 172 on the main apron with information Alpha,
request taxi for a local flight to the west

ATC: G-ARGT this is Shoreham Tower, the weather conditions to the west are deteriorating
rapidly can you confirm your intentions?

Pilot: Tower from G-ARGT, how bad does it look?

ATC: G-GT, there appears to be a squall arriving from the west with heavy rain and the wind
speed is already gusting to 20 knots

Pilot: Roger, in that case I’ll shut down for now and see how the situation develops, G-GT

ATC: G-GT roger

Answer these questions:

  1. What is the aircraft type and registration?
  2. What is his planned flight?
  3. What problem does Shoreham Tower warn the pilot about?
  4. What does the pilot decide to do?