Part 2: R/T practical part

Part 2: R/T practical part

The VFR R/T-testing scenario is a simulation of an actual flight.

AEPS developed various scenarios for the practical part of the VFR R/T-testing, which are revamped on a regular interval.

The scenarios contain information for the candidate regarding:

  • Departure and arrival airport/aerodrome, route, altitude
  • Radio-frequencies available (GND, TWR, Departure, Flight Information, Aerodrome Radio…)
  • Map of the situation
  • VFR-Reporting points

The simulation of the R/T focuses on:

  • Clearance (squawk, destination, QNH, reporting point after take-off…)
  • Taxi-clearance
  • Run-up
  • Switch to TWR frequency
  • Line-up and take-off clearance
  • Reporting leaving the CTR
  • Switch to Flight Information Service
  • Switching to the aerodrome frequency
  • Landing instructions
  • Sequence in the traffic pattern
  • Reporting points in the traffic pattern

My tips:

  • This exercise is very important to demonstrate your knowledge and ease of utilization of the ICAO standard phraseology.
  • For acronyms and abbreviations, you may be asked to explain their meaning.
  • The virtual flight may include an emergency situation.